Aging with grace….

This months I left my forties behind and began embracing my fifties. Wow, time sure flies!

Each moment, day, month and year presents new challenges. I don’t think that I realized exactly what it would be like, but on the other hand I’ve never been this age before. Life is a continuous learning process like a child who learns to talk, walk and eat.

When a child begins teething we, as parents are there to help them through the fever and associated pain, teaching them to spell their names, helping them to learn to ride a bicycle. All these life moments and so many more, allow us as parents to bond with our children. Yesterday I actually found myself pausing, puzzling how is it that our adult children learn to bond with their elderly parents? Somehow gracefully both of us need to be able to work through the rest of life together.

It would seem that each trip to the doctor now includes some sort of medical testing, results from the tests or a specialist who needs to be consulted. After so many years of ferrying my children to assorted appointments, now it’s myself that needs them! It’s all rather mind blowing and unexpected. The challenge for me is to include my adult children in the various diagnoses without overwhelming or embarrassing them or myself in the process. Not so long ago after finding a lump, I underwent a mammogram. After the results were back, with great relief, I told my adult kids that I had a scare, but I was fine. As a parent I still want to shelter them from bad news, but as they are now adults perhaps that’s wrong. In reality I probably should have shared sooner rather than later. But is there a right or wrong way, or is it dependent on the moment?

I am blessed to have an open and caring relationship with my children. They know that my love is unconditional and I know that anything they say to me, they mean it with love and that makes me smile. Like children, aging comes with so much to learn, be and do. Finding the balance is going to be challenging.


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