This and That

Welcome to my blog, or welcome back as the case may be.  Don’t be shy, comment, like, share and generally enjoy what I write.

Some of you will have moved over from AHealingLove, others will be brand new and curious to see what I write about.  Honestly I write about what strikes me, often in the moment, and totally random.  I write about my amazing roller coaster ride, better known as life, but I also write about things that amaze or bother me.  I DO NOT ever rant, or moan about life, its just too short for that nonsense. I also allow guest blogging from time to time, so if you have something to say, let me know!

You will read personal things about my life, my family; death, life and everything in between.  I encourage you all to read what I write with an open mind.

I hope you will all hit the subscribe button with your email address so that each blog is delivered straight to your inbox, its the easiest way to not miss out.  Also please feel free to look me up on my social media accounts!

A bit about me:

I am a published author and experienced blogger.  I love to travel, spend time with my family, knit, crochet, write and of course read!  I have two small yorkies that often appear in my blogs.


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